Holmer Green Methodist Church

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Our Church dates back to the 1850's, we know that the 
Rev. H Cornish was the minister in 1880.
The Chapel was built in 1841, re-built in 1859 and again in 1937, major extensions were added 
in 1967 and  a  extensive refurbishment   program was completed  in 2010 


School Room 1917

Church Built 1841 - rebuilt  1859 demolished 1937


Rebuilt 1937

Did you know?

In the 1920ís Holmer Green was still a quiet rural village. There was no bus service until the latter part of the decade, when the Amersham bus company started a service to the top of Amersham Hill, High Wycombe. The passengers had to walk to and from the town as the vehicle were not trusted either up or down the hill. However, this service did not operate on Sundays. Few people had motor cars and probably had to walk or cycle to their appointments. It was normal practice for local preachers - who far outnumbered the ministers - to conduct both the afternoon and evening services at Holmer Green, and to go to tea with one of the Chapel Stewards in between.

Sometimes the preachers would come from as far as Downley or even Chesham on foot, and in winter return home in the dark on unlit roads in all weathers, such was their dedication.

The Sunday School Hall was in use for many activities and so the stage required for concerts tended to be in the way at other times. A local farmer agreed to keep it in his hay-loft. On one occasion when there was to be a concert and the farmer was asked for the stage, he looked rather embarrassed and explained that he had just had a ton of hay put on top of it! Willing hands moved all the hay to retrieve the stage.

Harvest Festival was always a special occasion. A supper was held on the following day, when the harvest gifts which decorated the chapel were sold. There was a very small kitchen which would hold only five people, but there were many helpers so it was a real squash. There was no running water in the kitchen so water was obtained from the well next door

In the days when entertainment was not readily available, village communities created their own recreational activities. Holmer Green was no exception. The Methodist Sunday School Hall was the venue for rehearsals of the Holmer Green Orchestra, which was founded in 1909 by a local Baptist, Mr. Winter, whose son played in the orchestra. The conductor was a Mr Hatch who was a Methodist from Winchmore Hill.

In 1932 the church which was up to then the Wesleyan Methodist joined the union with the Primitive and United Methodist churches to form the Methodist Church of today.


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