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The ‘Rose House Group"

The ‘Rose Fellowship’ is a longstanding  house group  within Holmer Green Methodist Church. It was originally led by the late Professor Geoffrey Rose. These days it is led by retired Methodist Minister Angela Singleton. There are about a dozen members and meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month in various homes. Meetings are announced in the Church Notices and new members are always welcome.  

We vary our programme from time to time. Further details are available from Angela Singleton, Tel: 01494 713361. 














Brenda & Fred's House  Group 

The House Group has been running for many years and meets regularly on a fortnightly basis, apart from breaks during the summer.    Meetings are held on Thursday evenings at 8 pm and the current membership totals

fourteen,  (which is the maximum number that can be accommodated) , but usually, about eight or nine  people attend regularly, whilst others attend from time to time.

The Group is currently studying a “York Course” publication entitled “Build on the Rock” which in five sessions deals with  (1) Believing  and Doubting , (2) Jesus - our Teacher,  (3 ) Jesus - our Saviour,  (4 ) Jesus - Conqueror of Death, and (5 ) Jesus - Lord and Brother.

The next York Course publication which we shall likely to study will be “Praise Him”, again in five sessions, being respectively, “Gratitude, Image of God, Humility, New Birth and lastly Word made Flesh”,  The contributors to this particular course publication being Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, David Suchet CBE and other well known people in national church life.

Our discussions, which last about an hour, are always followed by refreshments and a time for chit chat. 





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