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The Methodist Church is the fourth largest Christian Church in Britain, after the Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches and the Church of Scotland. It has more than six thousand churches and a total membership of approximately 330 000 people. There are Methodist Churches in nearly every country in the world and global membership numbers some 70 million people.

The Methodist Church is traditionally known as non-conformist because it does not conform to the rules and authority of the established Church of England.

Structure of the Methodist Church

The Methodist Church in Britain is divided into circuits, made up of local churches in a defined area. A Superintendent Minister the senior minister appointed to provide pastoral leadership to a circuit. A number of circuits make up a district. There are 33 districts in Britain. Each District has a Chair (in some regards like a Bishop in the Anglican Church) whose job is to lead the ministers and lay people in the work of preaching and worship, evangelism, pastoral care, teaching and administration. Each district has a District Synod which decides policy for that district, within the parameters laid down by the annual Conference

Individuals can relate to the Methodist Church in many ways, as they explore the Christian faith and their responses to it. The most intensive form of commitment is membership of the Methodist Church. This involves a period of training and affirmation by the local church council that the individual sincerely accepts the basis of membership of the Methodist Church. A service of confirmation and reception into membership is held. If the individual isn't baptised, the service includes baptism.

Each local church has a Church Council, which together with the minister is responsible for coordinating and leading the work or ministry of the church. However, the Methodist church describes itself as having a connexional structure. This means the whole denomination acts and makes decisions together. A local church is never independent of the rest of 'The Methodist Connexion'.

The Methodist Church in Britain is governed by the Methodist Conference which meets in June every year. The Conference is presided over by the President of Conference, a Methodist Minister, supported by a Vice President who can be a lay person or deacon. Both of these appointments are made annually.

The worldwide umbrella organisation for all Methodist Churches is the World Methodist Council, set up in 1951. Its headquarters is in North Carolina in the USA. The World Methodist Conference meets every five years in different locations around the world.

Beliefs and worship

Methodists stand within the Protestant tradition of the worldwide Christian Church. Their core beliefs reflect orthodox Christianity.

Methodist churches vary in their style of worship during services. The emphasis is often on Bible reading and preaching, although the sacraments are an important feature, especially the two instituted by Christ: Eucharist or Holy Communion and Baptism.

Hymn singing is a lively feature of Methodist services. The founder's brother, Charles Wesley, was a prolific hymn writer and many of his works are still sung today both in Methodist and other churches.  

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