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(All Churches Together Serving)  

A Reflection by Rev John Richey  


            I write on behalf of ‘All Churches Together Serving’ (ACTS) in Holmer Green, which is a reformed group of the churches that was formerly known as Churches Together in Holmer Green.  In my reflection the various churches remind me of a tapestry.  Those familiar with making a tapestry will know that a tapestry worker always works from the back to the front of the material; I’ve seen one at work so I know that it is true.  And when we look at a tapestry from the back it looks a mess of tangled threads and colours; quite disjointed and fragmented, an image that is very much indefinable.  It is only when we turn the tapestry over and view from the front that everything begins to make sense.

           At this moment in time ACTS might liken itself to a piece of tapestry which is under construction.  Because we are not (nor shall we ever be) “the finished article” we may not clearly see how things might turn out; but it is helpful for us all to try and view things from a different perspective from time to time and see how the picture is developing.

           Each of us as Ministers in the Churches of Holmer Green are mindful that we are but one piece of thread that is on the tapestry, which awaits other threads to be added.  ACTS delights in the rich variety of strands that make up part of the picture.  However, ACTS on its own only forms part of the tapestry picture, the rest of the tapestry is also about you.  ACTS believes that a larger overall picture, whether recognised or not, will only come nearing completion when church folk and those in the wider community become one of the threads that forms part of an even larger tapestry which we believe God is weaving among the people of Holmer Green.

          This isn’t a perfect analogy because ACTS will in some ways always be ‘under construction’ – grappling with new ideas and fresh ways of working by engaging with people from within the various churches and people in the community around us, therefore we will always have some areas which seem messy or fragmented.

         On the whole, ACTS sees a real potential for developing this tapestry that is giving us a buzz of excitement because God is in the process of creating something beautiful with and through all the good people of Holmer Green.

Rev John Richey
ACTS Chair















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