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There are many good reasons why Christians have traditionally had reservations against gambling.Gambling is an activity which enriches the few at the expense of the many; it encourages a belief in ‘luck’ rather than God; it has often been associated with ‘swindlers’ and other criminals.Most Christian denominations recognise that gambling is no ordinary activity – in view of the risk of addiction, serious financial loss and impact on families and communities. But if individuals choose to gamble, they should be aware of the facts and gamble responsibly.The context of gambling is changing. With the advent of the National Lottery, more people view gambling as a leisure activity or entertainment. Advertising is now legal and the Internet has enabled online gaming.

Consultation on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals
In January 2018 the he Baptist Union, Methodist Church, Church of Scotland and United Reformed Church responded to the Government’s consultation on gambling machines and related issues. We have published the response which called for a significant reduction to the maximum stakes for Fixed Odds Betting Terminals or B2 machines:

What is the Joint Public Issues Team?

Since 2006, the Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT) has combined the expertise of the Baptist Union, the Methodist Church and the United Reformed Church in the area of public issues. In March 2015, the Church of Scotland joined JPIT for a one year pilot partnership.The Team aims to enable our four Churches to work together in living out the gospel of Christ in the Church and in wider society. We aim to promote equality and justice by influencing those in power and by energising and supporting local congregations.
















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